Dear women in my life,

Don’t fear for me. Don’t tell me that you hope that I find good man. One that will cope with my ideals, my goals, my beliefs, one that will cope with my feminism. Me being a feminist is not about making anyone feel any less valuable. It’s not about hating men. It’s about equality. Feminism — as […]

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I Get It

I get it now I get it why you can’t fall asleep while listening to music The fact is that music awakens your soul Music liberates your mind While everyone else just hears sounds you see movement You see passion, emotion, expression You see dance You see art

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Dear you

Dear you, Lately you’ve been hurting me You’ve been hurting my feelings You’ve been hurting my soul You’ve been hurting me and you don’t even know You don’t even know that while you lay on your bed at night I cry myself to sleep You don’t even know that when you say that I’m being […]

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It feels as if something inside of my chest aches. It feels as if my heart is hurting. As if my lungs were to stop breathing for me. As if my throat were to close. As if eyes could no longer hold the rivers inside of them. It feels as if I were running out […]

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Fear is consuming Fear is petrifying Fear is immobilizing Fear is feeling like you’ve lost control of yourself Like you’ve lost control of your feelings, your body Like you cannot react to what is coming towards you even though you want to Fear is feeling everything but not being able to do anything about it

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