Whimsical Stranger

A Writer's Soul

See the light, reflected in your eyes,
As you wander and gaze up at the stars,
Light shining, twisting and glimmering off the dark sky,
And one among them chooses to fall in your presence, down to the earth below,
Scattering, dancing across the skyline and into your eyes,
Dreaming of when you touch them, and give them a place to call home.
I grasp for that star, wishing hard to make a dream come true.
But perhaps I am thinking of a time not yet assumed,
Of a place where we have not yet given our hearts to strangers,
One day, maybe we can look back on this moment in space and time,
Knowing it was here where love conquered all and stars never fell from the sky,
But perhaps, that is a story for more familiar lovers,
And not strangers that meet under the diamond sky.

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