A friend of mine once told me that there was a reason why with each year that we turned older it felt as if time went by a little faster. He said that when we turn 1, one year is the entireness of our life. Then when we turn 2, it means that what seemed as an entirety is equivalent to 1/2 of our life. This goes on and on, so that when you turn 5, you’re living 1/5 of that first year, then 8 and 1/8 and so on…

I really don’t know if this is really the reason why that happens but it sure makes a lot of sense. Now I’m 20 and I can assure you life is happening pretty fast. Friends have become acquaintances, hobbies disappeared because I’m supposed to work now, families have distanced themselves and my dreams are starting to feel a lot more impossible than they once felt.




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