A friend of mine once told me that there was a reason why with each year that we turned older it felt as if time went by a little faster. He said that when we turn 1, one year is the entireness of our life. Then when we turn 2, it means that what seemed […]

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Conversations turn into small talk “I miss you” becomes “I’m busy” “I’m proud of you (s)” start to fade away Texts pile up, phone calls stop “Me too” eventually turns into “I just don’t get it” Memories start loosing their meaning That someone becomes no one

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I might seem fine, maybe even good. You and me both may think that I finally got over it. That this time it’s finally permanent. That I can now move on with my life and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer. But no, it’s not permanent, and it won’t last long. Maybe it’ll be something you […]

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My Letter To You

Life is not supposed to be that way. The truth is that life is full of beauty, full of dreams, full of hopes, full of tomorrows. And yes, life is not easy. In life you have to fight for what sets your soul on fire, you have to fight for what is right, you have […]

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And She Won’t Tell You Why

She won’t let you come too close And she won’t tell you why The first times you won’t notice But as days go by you start to realize that you know nothing about her Sure, you know her favorite color, or what makes her laugh But do you really know her? Do you know what […]

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Each silent tear carried the words that her mouth wouldn’t allow to come out. It was in those words that she held her deepest fears, dreams and everything that she had ever been through. Deep inside she knew that she didn’t want to feel lonely, she just wanted to be alone

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And each tear carried the words that her mouth wouldn’t allow to come out With each tear she hoped that all of her pain would finally cease to provoke such chaos in her mind

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