A friend of mine once told me that there was a reason why with each year that we turned older it felt as if time went by a little faster. He said that when we turn 1, one year is the entireness of our life. Then when we turn 2, it means that what seemed […]

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Each silent tear carried the words that her mouth wouldn’t allow to come out. It was in those words that she held her deepest fears, dreams and everything that she had ever been through. Deep inside she knew that she didn’t want to feel lonely, she just wanted to be alone

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On nights like this it hits me, Out of everyone I know you’re the one I reach to the most But believe me when I say I’m trying not to I’m trying to make something out of my life on my own I’m trying to leave some space between us so that you can be you […]

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Every once in a while she will let you see glimpses of her soul, It is in those moments that you’ll understand her You’ll understand what lies between all those layers she has built over the years You’ll know what makes her heart skip a beat What makes her want to be banished into oblivion […]

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