Conversations turn into small talk “I miss you” becomes “I’m busy” “I’m proud of you (s)” start to fade away Texts pile up, phone calls stop “Me too” eventually turns into “I just don’t get it” Memories start loosing their meaning That someone becomes no one

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I Hate It

I hate it that I can’t hate you. I hate that you don’t answer me when I text you But I hate it even more when I can’t hide my excitement as I see your name on my phone and that I can’t avoid answering you almost immediately when you take days or even weeks to do so I […]

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On nights like this it hits me, Out of everyone I know you’re the one I reach to the most But believe me when I say I’m trying not to I’m trying to make something out of my life on my own I’m trying to leave some space between us so that you can be you […]

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