My Letter To You

Life is not supposed to be that way. The truth is that life is full of beauty, full of dreams, full of hopes, full of tomorrows. And yes, life is not easy. In life you have to fight for what sets your soul on fire, you have to fight for what is right, you have […]

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And She Won’t Tell You Why

She won’t let you come too close And she won’t tell you why The first times you won’t notice But as days go by you start to realize that you know nothing about her Sure, you know her favorite color, or what makes her laugh But do you really know her? Do you know what […]

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And sure, you like being around people, but suddenly you find yourself not wanting company, wishing for just one more moment of solitude so that you can finally let it all out and feel everything you’ve been so afraid of feeling.

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Every once in a while she will let you see glimpses of her soul, It is in those moments that you’ll understand her You’ll understand what lies between all those layers she has built over the years You’ll know what makes her heart skip a beat What makes her want to be banished into oblivion […]

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I Need Someone

I need someone. I need someone that allows me to vent Someone that allows me to vent without judging me Without judging what I say Without saying that I’m being ungrateful Without telling me that I’m over reacting, that other people have it worst Because I know other people have it worst But this thing […]

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