I Get It

I get it now I get it why you can’t fall asleep while listening to music The fact is that music awakens your soul Music liberates your mind While everyone else just hears sounds you see movement You see passion, emotion, expression You see dance You see art

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How do you fight it?

How do you stand still whenever you feel every beat of that sweet melody as you’re walking down the street? How do you make yourself oblivious to your need of capturing the way the last glimpses of the sun lighly illuminate the city on your way back home? How do you make yourself stop when […]

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Do you know what it’s like to get lost in the music? To be so completely enchanted by it that you are no longer aware of anything or anyone around you. That moment when it’s just you with the music and your body follows.

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5,6,7, and…

Music starts to play. As it fills the room we all know that something amazing is about to happen. Each of us starts walking to the spot that, in some way, is just hers, as if we’ve decided as a group the location at which each of us would place class after class; mine is close […]

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