Fear is consuming Fear is petrifying Fear is immobilizing Fear is feeling like you’ve lost control of yourself Like you’ve lost control of your feelings, your body Like you cannot react to what is coming towards you even though you want to Fear is feeling everything but not being able to do anything about it

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And each tear carried the words that her mouth wouldn’t allow to come out With each tear she hoped that all of her pain would finally cease to provoke such chaos in her mind

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And missing you Missing you is the hardest Missing you aches, missing you hurts Because people like you don’t come that often People like you are part of the little miracles in life which we tend not to notice Those little miracles in the form of a person that we often take for granted Those little miracles […]

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To you I write in times of despair and in times of content Cause whichever the event you’re the one I want to tell first To you I write to feel listened To you I write to feel cared To you I write to feel safe To you, my forever recipient, I thank    

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How do you fight it?

How do you stand still whenever you feel every beat of that sweet melody as you’re walking down the street? How do you make yourself oblivious to your need of capturing the way the last glimpses of the sun lighly illuminate the city on your way back home? How do you make yourself stop when […]

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