Dear you

Dear you, Lately you’ve been hurting me You’ve been hurting my feelings You’ve been hurting my soul You’ve been hurting me and you don’t even know You don’t even know that while you lay on your bed at night I cry myself to sleep You don’t even know that when you say that I’m being […]

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A friend of mine once told me that there was a reason why with each year that we turned older it felt as if time went by a little faster. He said that when we turn 1, one year is the entireness of our life. Then when we turn 2, it means that what seemed […]

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Conversations turn into small talk “I miss you” becomes “I’m busy” “I’m proud of you (s)” start to fade away Texts pile up, phone calls stop “Me too” eventually turns into “I just don’t get it” Memories start loosing their meaning That someone becomes no one

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I might seem fine, maybe even good. You and me both may think that I finally got over it. That this time it’s finally permanent. That I can now move on with my life and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer. But no, it’s not permanent, and it won’t last long. Maybe it’ll be something you […]

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She might not

She won’t tell you, unless you ask, and even then, she might not tell you. ‘Cause she’s built that way She has had to face everything on her own and thus knows that no one really cares about her or what she feels She knows that the only person in which she can trust is herself Or at least […]

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I Hate It

I hate it that I can’t hate you. I hate that you don’t answer me when I text you But I hate it even more when I can’t hide my excitement as I see your name on my phone and that I can’t avoid answering you almost immediately when you take days or even weeks to do so I […]

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