It feels as if something inside of my chest aches. It feels as if my heart is hurting. As if my lungs were to stop breathing for me. As if my throat were to close. As if eyes could no longer hold the rivers inside of them. It feels as if I were running out […]

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And She Won’t Tell You Why

She won’t let you come too close And she won’t tell you why The first times you won’t notice But as days go by you start to realize that you know nothing about her Sure, you know her favorite color, or what makes her laugh But do you really know her? Do you know what […]

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And each tear carried the words that her mouth wouldn’t allow to come out With each tear she hoped that all of her pain would finally cease to provoke such chaos in her mind

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And sure, you like being around people, but suddenly you find yourself not wanting company, wishing for just one more moment of solitude so that you can finally let it all out and feel everything you’ve been so afraid of feeling.

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She might not

She won’t tell you, unless you ask, and even then, she might not tell you. ‘Cause she’s built that way She has had to face everything on her own and thus knows that no one really cares about her or what she feels She knows that the only person in which she can trust is herself Or at least […]

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5,6,7, and…

Music starts to play. As it fills the room we all know that something amazing is about to happen. Each of us starts walking to the spot that, in some way, is just hers, as if we’ve decided as a group the location at which each of us would place class after class; mine is close […]

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